Security of our customers’ personal information is the top priority of GoldenMarkets. We apply the most advanced encryption protocols and security systems to keep your personal and financial information as safely as possible in virtual space. You can rest assured that any kind of interaction that you perform through the website of GoldenMarkets is safe.

How to Check if the Communication is Encrypted and Secure

When you are opening the website in your browser, make sure in the lower or upper section of the window, you can see either a closed lock of a complete key (depending on the browser you are using). When you execute any transactions, this symbol should be visible. If you double-click on it, you can see the data of the digital certificate issued to our website. Make sure the organization that issued the digital certificate is “GoDaddy” and that the digital certificate is issued to GoldenMarkets. Only then are your transactions safe.


Identification Procedure

For logging into your Crypto trading account, you apply a username and password. This is confidential data. Never pass your login data to other persons. When you are logging into the system, we recommend making sure that there are no strangers in your vicinity who can see the data that you are entering and use them to steal your funds or personal information.

Our staff never contacts you with a request to provide them your login data. In case anybody requests this data and clams they are the staff of GoldenMarkets, contact us immediately.

Don’t save your login data in in a place available to unauthorized people.



How to select a reliable password – you better select a password that cannot be deciphered easily. We recommend you use random characters and digits.

Password reset – change your password every 2-3 months. If you suspect that your password may be revealed to other people, reset it immediately.


Ending the Trading Session

Every time you complete your trading session, logout of the system.

Information Security Resources in the GoldenMarkets System

Access to the system and to the services is secured by a firewall. It enables access to those services only that are needed for the proper functioning of the system. Information that you are transmitting between your PC and the system is encrypted by a 128 bit ssl encryption certificate, the digital certificate is issued by “GoDaddy”.